Unleash Wireless Excellence with VENTI!

The VENTI Transparent Antenna Collection

Introducing VENTI’s Game-Changing Transparent Antennas! Experience unmatched transparency and exceptional performance across all frequencies. Say goodbye to unsightly antennas and hello to seamless integration. Upgrade to VENTI for a visually stunning and high-performing Wireless experience!

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More Than Just Aesthetics …

The VENTI Transparent Antenna Collection

For over a decade, VENTI has been producing the most advanced, highest performing wireless antennas. Our products are in use across all types of venues, networks and applications.

VENTI continues to revolutionize wireless antenna design with repeated market firsts, such as …

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Wireless Antennas: Make vs. Buy

Rather than build their own Tier 1, suppliers can now private label and dramatically reduce antenna development costs and time to market

Why do the Wireless Carrier’s Tier 1 Suppliers select VENTI Group Transparent Antennas – in addition to Exceptional Performance VENTI Transparent Antennas are the only Transparent Antennas available today!

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The VENTI Wireless Transparent Antenna Collection is so 21th C.!

It’s time for wireless antenna performance and aesthetics to enter the 21st Century.

Do your clients want these …












or this, on their ceilings?

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Advanced VENTI IoT + DAS Networks

VENTI, The Advanced Technology Provider In Transparent DAS Antennas Is Also A Premier IoT Provider.

Leveraging our unique capabilities in the DAS world, VENTI has developed a line of Next Generation DART™ Transparent  IoT Antennas that have never before been available to your customer.

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VENTI 2021

VENTI Group in 2021

Introducing Unique Transparent Products For The 5G and IoT Markets

IoT and 5G applications are driving antenna performance requirements harder than ever. At the same time, whether ceiling or device mounted, they should be well made, small and hardly noticeable.

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