VENTI 2021

VENTI Group in 2021

Introducing Unique Transparent Products For The 5G and IoT Markets

IoT and 5G applications are driving antenna performance requirements harder than ever. At the same time, whether ceiling or device mounted, they should be well made, small and hardly noticeable.

The New DART IoT Antenna – Combining IoT and WiFi applications, this flat ceiling mounted dual-band (2.4/5GHz) omni antenna is transparent, flexible, compact and very low profile. And its gain, efficiency, and return loss performance is superior across all frequency bands. Dart IoT is available in MIMO and SISO configurations.

The New ULTRA Blade DAS Antenna (617-6000 MHz) – This blade version of the DART IoT Antenna has the same performance specifications and footprint; 2.5” x 3.1” x 0.04” thick.

The New ULTRA LX DAS Antenna (617-6000 MHz) – ULTRA LX is a Transparent Low Profile Flush/Flat Ceiling Mount DAS SISO Antenna delivering superior performance.

The New CBRS MIMO Antenna – This dual-blade MIMO version of the DART IoT Antenna covers 3400 MHz to 4200 MHz and has the same performance specifications as the DART IoT.

The New DAS MIMO Antennas – Same great Venti innovations, new incredible performances!

Learn more about our ULTRA and DART Antennas.

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