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 Wireless Solutions for the Smart World.

VENTI is a Manufacturer and Licensor of Wireless Technologies for the Smart World, providing a broad portfolio of patented product and licensing solutions designed to improve the performance of smart devices, structures and networks:

SMART WiGig & 5G

VENTI Solutions Address The Future … TODAY!

VENTI Firsts

  • CORE™, First “TRUE” H+V Polarized MIMO and SISO Antennas That Meet Or Exceed Carrier Specs In A Small Form Factor
  • PIMCONNECT™ Manufacturing Technology To Minimize PIM
  • SLEEV™ Manufacturing Technology For RF Suppression
  • ULTRA™ Transparent Antenna For iDAS And IoT Antenna And Gateway Applications
  • DART™ Flexible Antenna For WiFi, Small Cell, Automotive, IoT Sensor Applications
  • ALTO™ UWB Antenna For LTE, DUAL-BAND Wi-Fi, WiMAX, DSRC, Shark Fin Design For Automotive
  • CLEAR™ Cell Phone Screen Protector To Block Radiation, Increase Signal & Call Quality & Battery Life
  • VIVA™ Circular Polarized Chip Antenna For WiGig and 5G MM wave Applications

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We Innovation.

VENTI Group is THE Leader in Wireless Technology with an Incredible R+D Formula, equal parts of Innovation + Manufacturing + Experience = 100% Market Leadership








VENTI Group is the Leader in Innovation with Multiple Proprietary Patents and Patent-Pending Intellectual Properties.


We have a Huge Presence in the DAS Market. We specialize in Private Labeling and Manufacturing.


Venti Group is the only Innovative DAS Antenna Company with Revolutionary Product Families: Transparent Antennas + Best Performing IoT Antennas + Next Generation WiFi Antennas.

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Smart  Manufacturing

An Array of Solutions

VENTI is partnered with key manufacturers in multiple countries to ensure optimal sourcing, quality, cost and availability.
VENTI specializes in the innovation of DAS Antennas, Transparent Antennas, Stadium Antennas, IoT Antennas, and more.

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Wireless Solutions for the Smart World.

“Venti has 3 patent families and 15 patents in antenna technology, targeted RF suppression devices and manufacturing technologies to minimize PIM (passive intermodulation) in all network wireless devices over the useful life of the device. Venti also has several additional patents pending.” – Global Newswire

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Introducing The New ULTRA™ Transparent Antenna, The Key to All IoT and Smart Cities Applications
VENTI has introduced a transparent antenna with a transparent feedline for applications on building glass and M2M plastic enclosures in Internet of Things and Smart Cities Applications.


The Venti Group’s CORE™ Antennas in Global Hotel Chain
Venti CORE™ Antennas have been installed as part of a major renovation of this major global hotel chain’s downtown Houston location.


New Tech Armor ENHANCE Screen Protector Embedded with CLEAR™ Technology
Available for the latest iPhone models, ENHANCE features CLEAR Technology that seamlessly redirects radiation away from the head and brain, giving you peace of mind


Venti Group CORE™ DAS Antennas are powering a Verizon Network in Louisville. VENTI CORE™ SISO antennas are in use in a 1.3 million sq ft convention center
CORE™ SISO Antennas are revolutionary and market disruptors delivering faster throughput, better coverage, and consistent reliable connectivity.

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Venti Group Independently Develops and Owns Many Wireless Patent families.
Venti Solutions Address The Future … TODAY!

Venti Group provides a Broad Portfolio of Patented Product and Licensing Solutions designed to improve the Performance of Smart Devices, Structures and Networks.

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