VENTI – The DAS Antenna Leader

VENTI Group has just released a complete line of ULTRA™ Transparent antennas for DAS, WiFi and IoT.

Using VENTI patented technology, the transparent line of broadband antennas meets or exceeds carrier and customer requirements!

The only constant in the Wireless world – no one wants to see the antenna. Antennas are viewed as eyesores to venue owners, architects, designers and surprisingly, users. The call for transparent antennas has been ongoing for years with the corresponding response that functional transparent antennas are impossible. NO LONGER! VENTI Group has just released a complete line of ULTRA™ Transparent antennas for DAS, WiFi and IoT. Selecting a key supply chain partner, the ULTRA™ Transparent broadband DAS antennas using VENTI patented technology meet or exceed carriers’ and customers’ requirements.

“Wireless antenna design and manufacturing experienced only marginal improvements until 2010,”says Tony Eichenlaub, Director of Engineering at VENTI Group. A major reason for this was antenna manufacturers’ historical lack of innovation. “To address the increased demand for capacity and coverage, antenna manufacturers reduced the price points and installers increased the number of antennas in their deployments,” says VENTI CEO Henry Adamany. But this industry approach failed to address the demand for better performance and a smaller footprint. VENTI challenged this status quo by significantly improving antenna performance and reducing the cost and visual impact through innovative technology, design, and practices. VENTI’s superior antenna products for small cell and DAS markets have been designed on a simple idea: The Network is Only as Good as the Antenna!